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Investment Advisor

Tiso Blackstar SA Proprietary Limited (“Tiso Blackstar SA”) is a 100% held subsidiary of Tiso Blackstar Group SE (“Tiso Blackstar”) and provides advisory services to Tiso Blackstar on investment opportunities. Tiso Blackstar SA is duly regulated in the conduct of its investment business in South Africa by the Financial Services Board as an authorised Financial Services Provider, license number 29975.

Nominated Advisor & Sponsor

Northland Capital Partners Limited
(United Kingdom)
60 Gresham Street
4th Floor
London EC2V7BB

PSG Capital Proprietary Limited
(South Africa)
1st Floor
Ou Kollege Building
35 Kerk Street
Stellenbosch 7600

Legal Advisors

Paul Hastings (LLP) – Europe
(as to English law)
Ten Bishops Square
Eighth Floor
London E1 6EG

Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs Inc
(as to South African law)
150 West Street


Deloitte LLP
1st Floor
2 New Street Square

Registrars and Receiving Agents

Capita Registrars
(United Kingdom)
The Registry 34
Beckenham Road
Beckenham Kent BR3 4TU

Link Market Services
(South Africa)
13th Floor Rennie House
19 Ameshoff Street